Sigma CEO Confirmed First Lens Designed Exclusively for Sony FE Coming this Year !

According to latest interview with Sigma CEO at CP+ 2019 by LensTip, Sigma CEO confirmed that first lens designed exclusively for Sony full frame mirrorless cameras is coming this year. Why wait so long ? According to Sigma CEO, it takes about two years to develop one lens. So the question is, which Sigma FE lens will coming first ?

Interview from Sigma CEO:

Don’t you think we had to wait too long for Sony FE Sigma lenses?

A short flange back model designed for Sony FE system is going to be released this year.

Normally, it takes two years to develop one lens, a very long time. People who purchase a camera really need a wide range of lenses so we decided to prioritize, first support the camera, making the L-mount lenses, using the existing optics. Moving forward we will release more lenses designed for mirrorless cameras.

You can read full interview at LensTip.