Rumors: Sony Alpha a7R III Announcement in Q2, 2017 ?


A new source today told us that replacement of Sony a7R II: Sony Alpha a7R III will be announced around Q2, 2017. The source also said a new mirrorless camera targeted for professional photographers will be coming first, could this camera be the long rumored Sony Alpha a9 or A-mount cameras. Sony recently registered a new camera code name “WW158299” in China MIIT, this could be the next camera from Sony.

Currently there is no rumored specs of Sony Alpha a7R III, the source also said that we will see a surprise from Sony a7R III. You may take a look at top features expect from Sony a7R III:

  1. Better AF
  2. Touch screen
  3. Flip out to the side screen
  4. A easy to edit codec for Davinci Resolve. Not asking for Prores, but something that cuts like butter in Resolve like Prores and is not so CPU intensive when editing in 4ktop 20
  5. Custom WB in movie mode
  6. Assign APS-C to button!
  7. Film with shutter button
  8. Create another log profile that is a combination of slog2 and slog3. Slog3 is too flat but easier to grade by hand, Slog2 is about as flat as I want it to be but is harder to grade by hand. Keep the min ISO to 800 for this new log profile.
  9. Allow 3rd party besides Zeiss AF information to they can design lenses that work just as fast as the native glass, the more you can expand the E mount system the more you will sell these cameras.
  10. Faster chips to improve rolling shutter.
  11. Better menus, sounds like they are coming
  12. Apps don’t lose settings from before
  13. Make it so simple to transfer images to my smart phone
  14. Increase Battery life
  15. Improve IBIS
  16. USB 3.0
  17. Distance scale in movie mode
  18. Louder speaker like on the iPhone X.
  19. RGB Histogram for video

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