Second Zeiss Full Frame Compact Camera Teaser

Zeiss has released a new teaser of upcoming Zeiss full frame compact camera. According to previous rumors, Zeiss full frame compact camera will be announced before Photokina 2018, stay tuned.

Translated from previous teaser:

There is still something missing in Zeiss’s product line and the photography community
It’s time for more Zeiss
Time for a new Zeiss milestone

And below are rumored specs of Zeiss full frame compact camera:

  • Announcement before Photokina 2018
  • This is a fixed lens Full Frame camera
  • It uses Sony tech (probably RX1R II based).
  • Price around $3,000
  • Probably has a prime lens (35mm f/2.0?)
  • Slightly bigger lens construction than you get on the Sony RX1 series.
  • lens is autofocus

via: PR