Sony FX3 Firmware Version 2.00 Released !

Sony today has officially released firmware update version 2.00 for FX3 cinema E-mount mirrorless camera. You can download this firmware here. Sony FX3 is currently in stock and shipping at Amazon/Adorama.

Benefits and Improvements

  • Adds log shooting mode, which allows you to shoot while displaying the monitor image with your favorite LUT (Look-Up Table).
    Note: Please use the latest version of Catalyst Browse or Catalyst Prepare to apply the LUT used for monitoring during shooting to the video during editing.

    • Cine EI: A shooting mode that allows you to shoot with two Base ISO settings that can express clear images with the maximum dynamic range and suppressed noise.
    • Cine EI Quick: A shooting mode in which movies are recorded using a Base ISO, as is the case with the Cine EI mode, but the Base ISO switches automatically according to the adjusted EI value.
    • Flexible ISO: A shooting mode that allows you to record S-Log material by adjusting the exposure settings including ISO sensitivity according to the shooting scene.
  • Adds the main menu, which allows you to access quickly the items you need.
  • Changes layout for a movie, which is information and icons overlapped pictures on the movie standby screen.
  • Allows you to display a function menu by swiping upward on the monitor on the shooting standby screen.
  • Allows Timecode input with the multi/micro USB terminal. You can set the timecode with the source equipment.
    Note: You will need a dedicated adapter cable, which is sold separately, to connect to the timecode source equipment.
  • Adds the Monitor Flip Direction feature which can select reversed display of image and menu screens depending on how the monitor is opened and oriented.
  • Improves the operational stability of the camera.