Sony Managers Interview: No Outsourcing of Best Sony Sensors to Rivals


Imaging Resource recently has made an interview with Sony managers at Sony Thailand Factory. Talking about mapping out the future of the interchangeable-lens camera, and image sensors that made by Sony. Though there is not much talk about future cameras or lenses, but we have got several ideas from this interview.

Topics for discussion included the differences between Sony’s strategy and that of its rivals; the future of interchangeable-lens cameras and whether we might one day see full-frame and sub-frame cameras with similar pricing; the difficult problem of competing not just with rivals but also with one’s own camera models from past years; possible areas for improvement in future interchangeable-lens cameras; and the surprising rise of the Chinese market for full-frame cameras, among others.

  1. Sensor is a custom [design, meaning that] only Sony can use these sensors, no outsourcing for best Sony sensors.
  2. Sony Lenses are also in-house made as Sensor, not buying tech from other companies.
  3. Sony will bring more new innovations, new experiences for current camera lines.
  4. Sony is focused on three essential factors. One is of course the resolution, and another is the sensitivity, and third is the speed. There are plenty more talks on continuous shooting speed, maybe that’s why they are going to release the rumored Sony Alpha a9 (20 fps).
  5. Autofocus is very important, and we have room to improve this technology.
  6. Full-frame is our primary area. But as you said, we don’t ignore the APS-C market, and we can also grow the APS-C market.

You can read full interview here.