“WW361847” is Sony a9, So Which Camera is “WW620081” ?

sony ww code name

In March 2017, Sony registered two cameras with code names “WW361847” and “WW620081”. Now, the “WW361847” was officially announced, and it turns out this camera is Sony Alpha a9 (Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama), you can see proof at Sony AU official website.

sony a9 ww361847

So, next camera from Sony will probably be “WW620081”. Take a look at all announced Sony camera codes:

  • a9: WW361847
  • a7R II: WW325951, a7S II: WW898259, a7 II: WW328278
  • a7R: WW328261, a7S: WW328274, a7: WW328262
  • a6500: WW213019, a6300: WW906746
  • a99 II: WW067022
  • RX1R II : WW843944
  • RX10 III: WW411000, RX10 II: WW136512, RX10: WW808143
  • RX100 V: WW605351, RX100 IV: WW481040, RX100 III: WW808161

So which camera to be announced will be code with “WW620081”. Below is a list of cameras could be announced next:

According to the code names, this “WW620081” could be a new RX series compact camera, because most of a9 & a7 series FF mirrorless cameras have code name start with “WW3XXXXX” (Only a7S II code name is “WW898259”), and a6500 was just announced in late 2016, so it is not time for a6700. Stay tuned more info.

Note: in November 2016, Sony also registered a camera code name “WW158299” in China MIT, hasn’t announced yet.