High ISO Comparison: Sony RX100 V Vs. Canon G7 X Mark II Vs. Panasonic LX100 Vs. RX100 IV

ISO 12800 at Corner

Sony’s has just refreshed their RX100 series with new RX100 V compact camera (B&H Photo & Adorama & Amazon). Here is the High ISO comparison of Sony RX100 V with Canon G7 X Mark II, Panasonic LX100, and Sony RX100 IV.

ISO 12800 at Center
ISO 12800 at Center

From the result above, we can clearly see that Panasonic LX100 has best high ISO image quality both at the corner and center. Canon G7 X Mark II is also not bad. While both Sony RX100 V and RX100 IV has very poor image quality at the corner.

You can read full test at dpreview.