Interview: Sony a7S III will Go Beyond Customers’ Expectations (Wow!) But Requires a Lot of Work and Time !

Where is Sony a7S III ? Many people are waiting for this camera for a long time. At Photokina 2018, Cinema5D has just interviewed with Sony Senior Manager Yutaka Iwatsuki, talking about the release date of Sony a7S III and other future products.

From the interview, Sony Manager Yutaka Iwatsuki said Sony a7S III is in development, but in order to go beyond customer’s expectations (To Surpass Panasonic S1 & S1R ?), they need a lot of work and time to achieve this. This means as Yutaka said “for time frame, it may require longer than you probably imagine“.

So again, we may still not see Sony a7S III announcement next month at PhotoPlus EXPO 2018. And this will be another sign that Sony a6700/a6800/a7000 high-end APS-C mirrorless camera will be announced next month, stay tuned.

Other notes from interview: Sony thinks 8K recording is very important in long-term, but not very import in 2020. And Sony has no plan on medium format mirrorless cameras, as they are still focusing on innovating full frame and APS-C products.

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