Sony Beats Nikon as No. 2 on the Full Frame US Market

sony no j s

According to Sony’s recently announcement for the Sony a7R III, Sony said that they are now Number 2 on the full frame US camera market during January – September, 2017.

Sony said that:

1) Between January and September of 2017 they claimed the second position on the Full Frame market. With the first position likely to be held by Canon and the third position by Nikon.
2) Sony lens sales are up 56% YoY (Year-on-Year) (Jan-Sep 2017 vs Jan-Sep 2016) by value compared to a flat market.
3) Sony Full Frame (35mm) camera sales are up 57% YoY by value, compared to the rest of the market being down 7%.

Bad news is that Nikon recently released the high demanded Nikon D850 DSLR camera, which sells very well, out of stock for months. It seems Nikon will take the No. 2 again in late 2017.

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