Sony Japan Announced Free Repair on Some Sony a9 Models


Sony Japan just announced free repair on some Sony Alpha a9 mirrorless cameras.

Translated from Sony Japan:

In some products of our digital single lens camera α 9 “ILCE – 9”, when a large load is applied when using a large flash (optional) etc attached to a multi – interface shoe, it is rare for the multi – interface shoe part I have confirmed that there may be cases with attachment.
Therefore, if this event occurs in the target product, we will repair it free of charge, so please contact us at the counter.
We apologize for any inconvenience and inconvenience this may cause to customers who are interested in our products. We would like to continue to appreciate our products, thank you.

Digital single-lens camera α 9 “ILCE-9”

■ Target serial number
Part of from 3020001 to 3023644

An event
We have confirmed that there is a case where rattling may occur in the multi-interface shoe part rarely when a large load is applied when using a large flash (optional) etc. mounted on the multi-interface shoe.

■ Correspondence contents
If you are a customer who has a product of the subject serial number and the rattling occurs in the multi-interface shoe part, please contact the window. We will repair at no charge.
Repair will take about one week’s time after taking your deposit.