More Samples of New Batis Telephoto Prime Lens “aperture low enough to make it dreamy”

zeiss batis 135mm sample image

Official ZeissCameraLenses via Instagram has posted more sample images of upcoming Zeiss Batis telephoto prime lens. Though ZeissCameraLenses hasn’t any specs of this Batis telephoto lens, according to previous rumors, this lens could be a Zeiss Batis 135mm lens. This lens will be officially announced at the end of this months, stay tuned for more info.

From ZeissCameraLenses:

  • zeisscameralenses@pierre.paqueton ahhh I guess it’s 2 questions I can’t answer ?? aperture low enough to make it dreamy, and that’s all you need to know ?
  • zeisscameralensesHey everyone! @tophography_ here for the insta takeover. I know so many of you are very curious as to what the focal length and aperture of the new Batis lens might be. Although, I can’t tell you any specifics, I hope this photo gives an idea of how shallow you can get with the lens. Sharp detail, focus, and Bokeh are 3 main factors for me when creating a shot. And I’m happy to say this lens exceeded my expectations in all 3 categories.

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